When there’s trouble, you call DW! Darkwing Duck fan, all done up in Paint Tool SAI.

Looks good in Stina Style!

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Yuri Quick Practice by coreylandis My pitiful attempt at a 1 hour warm up that those good artists are always doing. Took more like 2 hours, of course.



A new Batman short directed by The Animated Series creator Bruce Timm, in honor of the character’s 75th anniversary.


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April Challenge/ Art Jam 5th-13th


by ArtForce

April Challenge:

Sailor Moon!

In honor of the new series being released, let’s do a Sailor Moon Challenge. The old series has a pretty iconic look that is very different from the manga. The new show will look different yet. This month’s challenge is to do a piece of fanart in whatever style you imagine the new show could be.

Must be full color, traditional or digital medium
Submit pieces to Monthly Challenge folder on by April 30, 11:59PM EST.
Winner will be chosen based on effort and idea, not on skill.
Prize will depend on participation, so as always is a mystery!



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ArtForce Trigun Screenshot Challenge by coreylandis Redid this screenshot in my own style for ArtForce challenge.

Photo Set

I really need to try this…

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Annie Mei Project by dCTb

I wanted to do something bright, fun and colorful! What better way to go about that than a pink haired girl and blue skies? This image makes me really want to put together an artbook for the Annie Mei Project with finalized character designs and concept sketches…who would be interested in that?

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Roxy Reference sheet by coreylandis  I know… The ninja scarf thing is cliche. So, I probably won’t draw it on there ALL the time.


He-Man and Brawn Team Up of MIGHT by coreylandis   I said, “HEY! WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?!”


Round One: RAGE by coreylandis A little Flashback Friday fanart of Rob “Robaato” Porter’s Rat Rage. You can help support Rat Rage on Patreon if you’re so inclined.




Help Me Get Back On RAT RAGE with Patreon! 

Hey all! By now, I’m sure you folks have heard of Patreon, a site where creators can continue to share their work and for fans to continue to support them! 

Well, personally, I’ve been checking this site out for quite some time now and I’ve been doing some critical thinking involving my project Rat Rage. Since I’ve started working on Cryamore, I haven’t had much time for any other project. And a lot of people have been (as a result of the popularity of all my Rat Rage redesign fanart and further RR-related posts) asking me “when am I getting back on Rat Rage!?”, since I was originally working on a comic/graphic novel before then. At first, I thought we’d be near done on Cryamore at this point, but it’s really a huge game in the making. Much more larger than we thought. And I was going to have a Kickstarter for Rat Rage eventually after we’re done with the game. 

So Patreon has become a thing amidst this, and it actually opened up things for me from a creator standpoint. I really want to do more with my own properties beyond Cryamore, but I’m subjugated by holding out on not showing stuff (which is mainly Cryamore stuff, a lot of it is still top-secret). And I do want to continue working on Rat Rage in my spare time, but I just can’t as that time has to go towards freelance work and commission work to keep the bread on the table. 

So that’s where Patreon comes in! If I reach my first goal, I can actually get back to working on Rat Rage, but in webcomic form! I can do a page a week (or 2 pgs a week at times, depending on my schedule) all while working on my main project, Cryamore. With that said, I’m taking a different approach with Rat Rage. It’ll no longer be me slaving on pages for an ultimate release in an original graphic novel format like I originally planned, but as a webcomic, which can then be compiled into a volume or two. This also means that only the folks who support the webcomic will have exclusivity; only they will be able to read the comic in its entirety before anyone else does. And all I’m asking for in return is $1 to join in the fun. And if you want some more good stuff, $5 to see high-resolution versions of the sketchy layout, inks, and colors without the dialogue, and extra thingies like concept art and such. It’s sort of a no-brainer. 

I can’t do this for free. It’s just not happening with today’s economy. But I really would like to get back to RR so bad, and I’ve felt my work/content has become stale since I don’t have much to show besides random fanart and commissions.

So you can check out my Patreon page to go pitch in and help me finally make this another thing!

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Lina Inverse Traditional Fail by coreylandis   Subjecting you guys to some of my lousy traditional art. Don’t worry. There won’t be much traditional inking and coloring in the future from me.